Johnny Lee
Jun 29, 2015
Large, Is a finicky eater


I rescued a 2 year old female GSD who was extremely underweight. I tried everything from dry food with grain and without… I even added wet canned food to the dry food and eventually she stopped eating that too. I figured she wouldn’t starve herself so I’d put her food every morning and night for five days and she wouldn’t even eat a single piece. I finally had to start trying raw diet foods because she was starving herself and this brand takes the cake. Her excitement over this food is insane. She was so picky, taking 10 minutes or more to eat her food. Now she eats all of it in less than 2 minutes! She even continues to lick the bowl after it is all gone. It pained me so bad to see her lose so much weight and starve herself. To see her so excited about food and get herself up to a healthy weight has really made me so happy. Whats even better is that her coat looks absolutely gorgeous! She is so much more active and seems to be so much happier and less lethargic! My biggest problem is the price so I only will give it 4 of 5 stars for that reason. She’s a large dog and it costs me around $64 dollars a week to feed her properly!

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