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Jun 09, 2016
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues


I have tried most of all the limited high end dog food for my Scottish Terrier and nothing seemed to reduce her itching and licking. She was losing her hair in spots. I saw vital raw at my local Petco and bought a small roll. Lucy first looked at it, “like what is this” once she started eating it she cleaned the bowl the next day in the afternoon. AMAZING!!! Finally no more itching all night or licking her paws. Before I feed here VITAL RAW she would cry because of the irritation. It has been two weeks and her coat is healthy looking and soft. The only issue I have is VITAL RAW is hard to find in most of the stores have Freshpet. I only have found PETCO cares the raw and the last few times they have been out. This is the only thing I do not like about the raw product not many stores carry it. I tried the other freshpet products before and it didn’t seem to work like the Vital raw.

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