Jun 09, 2016
Medium, Is an adult

We finally found a dog food that meets our expectations.

We have always been Miniature Schnauzer lovers (who have been finicky about their food) causing us to be concerned with the different types of dog food that meets our expectations. After trying and researching numerous dog foods with each of the individual dogs over the years, we finally decided to cook our own dog food. After seeing Freshpet, a refrigerator dog food, in the local grocery store we checked out the ingredients and decided to give it a try. To our amazement Massimo, who is not a “foodist,” devoured his Freshpet meal which was so unusual since all of our Miniature Schnauzer through the years, were not the type of dogs to finish a whole meal at one time. We still have been cooking some of our own dog food and mixing it with the Freshpet dog food and found that Massimo will eat the Freshpet dog food before he finishes the homemade dog food.

As always, my only fear is when you find a good product, are the local stores going to keep the product in stock or discontinue the item? Hopefully, dog owners will try this dog food and find a positive reaction from their dog(s), causing the item to be a product of demand for the consumers. Hopefully, this will cause the Managers of the local grocery stores to evaluate the importance of keeping Freshpet in stock within their stores.

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