Razin Baby,Raymond,Pup pup,Crazy Ray,Ramundo
Jul 05, 2016
Medium, Is an adult

Fresh Pet saved our dogs life

Razin was diagnosed with a very aggressive strain of lung cancer. At 5 years old and never being around any kind of smoking products we were very confused on treatment as only 1% of dogs get this death sentence. After losing a third of his body weight and refusing all kinds of foods from steak to fish he refused to eat. He was given a week before he was to be put down and cross over. Then we tried Fresh Pet chicken select. He started eating 4 days before his next visit. He has gained 4 lbs and continues to gain weight. He looks like he is not sick at all and will have his 3rd dose of chemo on Tuesday. I don’t know why he selected to eat that night but it seems like a small miracle. For now we have our pup pup back… You can put any kind of spin on this story. But I know that the night Ray started eating again it was something in the food or its prep that started his second chance at life… Thank You, Barry

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