Sep 12, 2016
Small, Is a senior

FreshPet is my Shih Tzu’s saving grace!

I have a a 14 year old Shih Tzu who is diabetic. After 2 years of feeding her boring diabetic dry kibble, she finally gave up on any dry dog food. She would look at me in disgust after I fed her and sometimes even spit out the kibble and not eat. At that point her insulin shots were so on and off and often missed since she wasn’t eating anything. After finding out about Fresh Pet Vital, I went to buy a small bag and OH My GOODNESS she loves it. I have never seen her eat food that fast and enjoy it as much as she does. I think she honestly enjoys it better than human food. I now have to buy a big bag. I am so glad I found a healthy normal dog food that she can have and that she is happy with. Thank you so much!

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