Sep 22, 2016

Back from the brink

My nearly 13 yr old Lab suffers from hip issues and in the past few months he’s begun to loose weight and recently seemed to be loosing interest in eating. I knew I needed to try a new food and wanted one that would easy to chew and easier to digest. He’s been on 2 different medications so I’ve been using the Freshpet rolls to give him a bite of treat between pills for a while so it dawned on me when he lost his appetite for his regular food why not try him on the Freshpet bag food. I mix 3/4 cup of Freshpet Select with 3/4 cup of dry food (small bites) and he’s back to eating happily 2-3 times a day. He has more energy and pep although he’s not the pup he once was but I’m more than happy to see him looking and feeling much better now.

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