Feb 17, 2017
Small, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

FINALLY, our dog is eating! Bonus: we feel good about what we are feeding him!

Our vet determined that Loki’s symptoms were due to food allergies and he had to be put on a grain-free diet. I think we tried everything under the sun and he WOULD NOT EAT! His tummy was constantly growling! We even broke down and fed him table scraps, although I knew the seasoning (salt especially) wasn’t good for him. Then we discovered Freshpet. OH MY GOODNESS — A GODSEND! Loki WOOFS down every bite … it’s seriously gone in 1 minute, and he licks his bowl for another minute! It makes us SO HAPPY that we are feeding him food that is so good for him and that he loves it so! We are even miraculously able to hide his seizure pill in the food undetected!!!! We are on a very tight budget and are so thankful that Freshpet is affordable. We buy it in 5-lb tubes from Walmart. Thank you, Freshpet for being an answer to prayer! Seriously!!

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