Fred and Linda Corey with Buddy and Madison
Mar 28, 2017
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Perky Pets

We began using Fresh Pet about 21/2 yrs ago when our youngest Jack Russell was having problems with seasonal allergies and was licking the fur from hit feet. They were all red and sore and our Vet said to try special food. It was quite expensive and didn’t seem to help. Rachel Ray suggested cooking their food with just meat and peas and carrots. We used vitamin drops to get a well-rounded nutritious diet and he began to get better. Then we found Fresh Pet at out local Giant Eagle, looked at the ingredients and decided to try it. Both dogs love it and now we use Fresh Pet in the morning and a mixture of home-cooked venison or turkey in the evening. We keep a bowl of dry food with no grains nearby and the entire family is well and happy. Thanks for your attention to detail.

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