Sparkys mommy
Apr 05, 2017
Small, Is a puppy/kitten

He will never eat dog food again!

Hi my name is Misty coombs,
We have a beautiful loving Deer head chihuahua his name is “Sparky”.Sparky isnt a typical pet or treated as a typical dog,he is a service companion for my developmentally delayed child with varous conditions including social anxiety and Autism.She tends to elope out of the home away into other homes or wander 2 blocks away since she was 6 yrs old a Very scary reality for my husband and i.We have Our home secure as its allowed as its an apartment.So reaching is my way of learning i found that she could be best benefited by having a service companion dog for her wandering and social anxiety.We found our lil tiny blessing by absolute luck.He has bonded in such a beautiful way when my daughter is sad hurt he is there to comfort her with no interruption when she is in possible flight he barks to alert us and nip on her ankle to stop so her so we are able to redirect and comfort her back to bed.Our lil sparky has given us all of his life and just brings us absolute joy we want only the best for him and thats what he eats too.we have had him for 9 months now (had him since 2 months old)he is the most pickiest pup ever we spent $100 or so on various foods dry too.He Wouldnt touch them all except ceaser food dry and wet.So we were finally relieved as he only eats by hand he wont touch anything.I had researched that theres nothing but CRAP IN DOG FOOD and he was starting to not eat it so i started cooking poultry for him with veggies its labor of love but its something i dont know what to put in or not and i have seen your products every time ive [email protected] so i bought some last night and OMG HE LOVES IT AND HE IS EATING BY HIM SELF AND BY HAND.We are so so happy it takes some of the worry the weight of trying to know what to give him and FRESH PET provides everything he needs nothing he dont .He loves it and to be absolute honest The Chicken with cranberries smells so so yummy i had to check to see if it was actual dog grade lol..We are truly and finally relieved and secure in what we are giving our 4legged family member.He gives his unconditional love trust and protection he deserves to get all that and more.He will never eat nothing else.We also have 2 cats Chomper and Alistar who have digestive issues and one has skin issues(Chomper) from the crappy cat food choices out there so we are going to work on switching to Fresh Pet for them as one is not a people food eater(Alistar) we will need to try a small bit for them so they can hopefully transition to Fresh pet and never eat the other choices again..We are absolutely thankful and happy to know theres a company who loves our pets and companions as much as we do…Sincerly The Coombs family.

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