Jun 11, 2017
Medium, Is a senior

Pinky loved it!

Freshpet, Pinky was my 14 years old beautiful loving boxer unfortunately I lost her on April 10th. She had struggled for many years with pancreatitis what gave me no option but keep her on very strict diet. At the end of last year she had others complications so she lost her ability to walk. In front of this new issue and facing that her life was coming to the end I decided to proportionate all the goods she could take. I bought Freshpet at Target and for my surprise she did very well with it her stool were even better than used to be on her strict diet. Pinky loved Freshpet! She would eat and ask for more! Freshpet food gave me the confidence to feed her with a little of everything I knew would make her happy because with Freshpet her stool was always perfect shape! As long as I fed her with Freshpet I would give her In-N-Out, ice cream, etc… it was all with the consent of her veterinary: “Do all u can to make her happy”. Thanks so much FRESHPET for your wonderful products I had a great experience with them, and they made very enjoyable my baby’s last few months of life.

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