Debbi Ryan
Aug 09, 2017


I am one of the foster Mom’s from CARING HEARTS RESCUE and I know Fresh Pets is a God sent to my fosters who will not eat! Most fosters are nervous and scared even though they are in a home setting! It is a big change for them! Usually they have been in several different environment’s in the last few days or weeks and they will not eat! Even though I make my wet food alot for my own dogs ! They will not even eat that but I have not had one dog that will not eat Fresh Pets! Its the only dog food that I will buy from my local grocery! Its like human food! They usually will not get loose stools and it is very gentle on their tummies! I highly recommend Fresh Pets it all kingmds for your dog or cats!! Every foster that I have including my own pups love Fresh Pets!!!! It is also great for dog that have a lot of allergies!

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