Mary Hunt
Aug 22, 2017
Large, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Helping my dog with IBS

My puppy was diagnosed with IBS along with a allergy to beef. I went through months of vomit, lethargy and bloody diarrhea. I tried everything! I hated giving him the Science Diet or Royal Canin that all vets seem to push on you because it is just crap in a bag, the ingredients are awful. Even the canned food is like paste. He wouldn’t even touch it. I was at Walmart one day and I saw the refrigerator section with Freshpet. I thought, well, what is the worst that will happen? I went to Dog Food Advisor and saw that it had a great rating, so I bought a small tube of the chicken and turkey and I gave him a couple slices. He just gobbled it down and later on that day, Mozel Tov! I know it is weird but what a pretty sight, no diarrhea! He was happy, I was happy and he has been on fresh pet ever since.

Thank you FreshPet! My Dylan now enjoys his meals. He still gets the chicken in the tube and he gets the home cooked chicken recipe with cranberries. The only treats he gets are the chicken treats and your turkey bacon.

We will be a Freshpet family for life!

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