Aug 24, 2017
Small, Is a senior

Seniors Rule

I moved to Florida almost 2 years ago with my 2 senior and well-traveled cats (I’m a senior too!) None of us took to the move, which was difficult in unforseen ways. Almost a year later and semi-settled, I was adjusting better than Simon and Lily, my 2 cats, who I’ve had for 15 years since they were kittens. The move took 8 days driving (from New York) and neither cat had yet recovered. Simon lost a lot of weight and spent his time fearfully hiding a corner above the stove, and Lily, who I think ate everything Simon didn’t, gained so much weight she could no longer jump up and her hind legs were very painful. I tried many different brands of food to help them both with their certainly opposite problems with no luck. Luckily, the local Winn Dixie updated their store, and brought in the refrigerator in the pet isle. I had seen an ad on TV, and I bought Freshpet, hoping this would do the trick – and it DID! They both can’t wait for me to serve them. They LOVE this food! Simon has gained weight, is much happier, still a scaredy-cat but now spends his time out of the corner being more sociable. Lily lost her excess weight, is in a lot less pain, and can now jump up when and where she wants to! The 3 of us are still old and getting older, but our Golden years are much more golden for all of us because of Freshpet! (I was really worried about them both, but not so much any more.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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