Nov 13, 2017
Small, Is an adult

Saved my Devon Rex cat!!

Devon Rexes are known for being sensitive to certain foods due to tummy and skin issues. I had been feeding both of my Devons Merrick since I got them. Then, after purchasing a new bag, my 1 year old got really sick and wouldn’t stop vomiting. The vet suggested the food may have been an issue, so I set on a quest to find something she could tolerate.

My cat started losing weight as we tried other food. She couldn’t even “stomach” the sensitive skin and stomach brand (which didn’t have the best nutrition anyway). She got to the point where she slept all day and didn’t even want go anywhere near food.

On a whim, I bought a small bag of Freshpet after looking at the ingredients. I didn’t have ay expectations but I was hopeful. As soon as I opened the bag and my kitty smelled the contents, she perked up for the first time in a long while!

After a week and a half eating the food, she is almost back to her original weight! My kitty loves the food and seemingly can’t get enough! She is happy, energetic and back to her old self.

I can’t tell you how helpless I felt, and this brand literally saved the day!! I will be a lifelong fan, for sure!!

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