Dec 03, 2017

I love freshpet!

I’m a CVT, I have access to the best diets out there. My Shi Tzu, who is blind and I adopted from work, was such a picky eater, would not eat anything I brought home. I tried all high end foods to the cheap crap like cesars. Freshpet was the best thing that happened to us. I no longer have to hand feed him, and coax him to eat with deli chicken. He is happy, healthy and my new puppy also enjoys it. Keeps their urine PH where it needs to be! He also had an extensive history of GI upset. has NEVER happened since I started freshpet. His tummy has been great! Haven’t given pepcid in over 8 months now. What a relief. I will never stop buying this. Best investment I have ever made.

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