Billie Jean
Dec 15, 2017
Small, Is an adult

Too old to love

Several years ago, I adopted a little girl named willow. The family said they just did not like her, she was too old,and just laid around. Willow had a few medical problems, and was over weight, she had little hair, and had a hard time walking, due to her nails digging into her feet. Keep in mind i already had 4 rescued dogs, and 3 rescued cats. Willow is now 11 years old, happy, healthy, and knows she is loved. But there is more, a few months back, I adopted another little girl, who was found in a box, outside with a broken face, and several broken bones in her body, she has a metal has has now, and eating was difficult…but…Once she came here, we began feeding her with the fresh pet…she has gained 5 wonderful pounds, is now starting to play, and like willow has, is healing . Good food, and love has changed all these babies. I tell people when you have this many abused and neglected dogs, and you find one good food they all like, and you see them slowly get healthy, you know this food comes from a good company. I depend on the quality of fresh pet to keep them happy and healthy, and they depend on me to love them enough to always do my best for them. I. Think we have suceeded. So thank you…

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