Jan 15, 2018
Is a finicky eater

Meals without Ordeals.

Every meal was such an ordeal when it came to feeding Rocky. Rocky is a Chihuahua/Yorkie Mix and a rescue. He had parvo when we adopted him and so we have been very selective about what we feed him. Unfortunately, Rocky will eat a new food for 2-3 days and then suddenly turn his nose up at it. It came down to us feeding him cooked white meat chicken just to keep his glucose levels up. We have tried nearly every brand on the market from high end to low end. We discovered that beef gives him gas and an upset tummy.
After seeing an ad on tv, we decided to give Freshpet chicken a try. Wow! From first slice and every day since then he has eaten his food completely and even licks the bowl clean. No more upset stomach and gas. He really enjoys this food and actually does spins and runs around the kitchen when he sees you get the package out of the refrigerator.
We are so excited that our search is over. No more bribes with treats or mixing the other brands with cooked chicken. Now Rocky has a food that he loves and one less worry for us about his nutrition.
Thanks Freshpet for being there.

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