Jan 16, 2018
Small, Is a finicky eater

So Glad I Decided to Get Freshpet

I am involved with rescue and my goal was always to provide dogs with the best foods possible. Recently, our founder told me that she feeds all the rescues Freshpet so when my two shih tzu mixes (definitely picky eaters) decided they did not want to eat the expensive processed food I was giving them, I had to decide on something else. I thought perhaps I will try Freshpet since that is what our rescues eat. Well to my surprise, both of my very picky eaters love it. Now they actually wait for me to put cut up the food and put it in their bowls. This is huge because I used to have to think of ways to make them eat and they only used to eat once a day. Now with Freshpet, they eat twice a day. I see the difference in their skin & coat. It is a win win for my furry babies.

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