Lou lou
Jan 19, 2018
Small, Is an adult

From lazy to crazy

Our fur baby a 4 year old Yorkie poo named Lainey was not a playful dog 2 years ago. She laid around alot once in a while she would chase a squirrel. We didn’t really think alot about figuring that’s just her. Then one day she stopped eating her nuggets and her favorite treat sliced cheese. Thinking maybe she had a bad tooth. My husband took her to the vet the next day and it turns out it was pancreatitis. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days we almost lost her. Worst 3 days of our lives. The vet gave her this food specifically made for low fat diets. It was very expensive and not locally available. Finally I talked to a Co worker who’s dog has issues with her pancreas and recommended Freshpet. I tried it and she LOVES IT!!! I give her the recommended amount and she gobbles it up then plays for at least a half hour. Totally different dog. Thank you Freshpet.

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