Mar 01, 2018
Small, Is an adult

Picky eater

I’ve been searching for a dog food for my 4 year old Shitzu that she would actually go crazy over and I could stop table food. She loves veggies and fresh fruits, but I think she’s been having skin issues from the real chicken I’ve been giving her everyday.

Now I have a puppy shitzu and same thing with her skin. So I was in Petsmart a few days ago and thought about trying the Freshpet Beef/Bison rolled food because I saw it had spinach and blueberries. They absolutely went crazy over it, and it’s almost gone.

I’m returning the other dry brand they’ve been on and going to purchase more of your selections, and of course the beef/bison roll.I’m really hoping this food will help with skin issues/ allergies.
I will post reviews after they’ve been on it longer, but for now, we’re so excited to have found your food. Thanks Freshpet.

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