Jun 14, 2013
Medium, Is a finicky eater

Ocean Whitefish & Salmon was the best thing to happen to my kitty!

Patty Wack developed food sensitivities about 6 months ago. I’ve been searching for a healthy cat food that she would eat and not throw up ever since. About 6 weeks ago I discovered Freshpet Select and it was better than I could have hoped for! She goes crazy for Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Recipe. Never before has she shown much interest in any of her food until I gave her this. She runs ahead of me into the kitchen in the morning and can’t (and doesn’t) wait for me to stop scooping the food into her dish before she starts eating. I’ve had a hard time finding it lately and I’m afraid it might have been discontinued. It is a sad, sad day for Patty Wack, and me, if that is the case.

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