Oct 02, 2014
Small, Adult

Happy Healthy Dog

My dog, Padma, a 10 year old Schipperke LOVES Freshpet! Padma is being treated for arthritis and Pemphigus (an autoimmune disease) and has been on steroids in the past and now on cyclosprorine. Padma has never been motivated by food. I would provide different dog foods for him and even cook for him. But he always grew tired of what I was feeding him. Every couple of weeks, it was a different food or a different combination of foods. I then found Freshpet! WOW…Padma loves the Freshpet Select line. He tried the FP Select Roast Meals first. I was amazed at how good it smelled, the fresh pieces of chicken. After that success, we tried the slice and serve rolls – another hit. He especially likes the chicken, spinach and potato. And of course, it goes to follow that Padma also loves the Homestyle Tubs. Sometimes, I will even “mix” some of the foods together or add some of the roasted meal to the Homestyle Tubs. Padma always “finishes his plate”. He now knows the sound when I take the food out of the fridge and open or cut the wrappers. He sits by his placemat because he knows he is getting something wonderfully good! I have been able to maintain a more healthy weight for him – which is better for his arthritis. He is even able to jump on the sofa again! Thank you Freshpet – you have a solid canine gastronome with Padma.

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