Lorraine Hollis and JJ
Feb 08, 2017
Small, Is a puppy/kitten

Your product literally saved JJ’s life

We have alot of rescue cats and kittens that are dumped at our house. Three have died from IBS in the last month. They have diarrhea, we take them to the vet, get an rx, it doesn’t help and they pass away. JJ was the 4th one from this litter. The rx wasn’t working and we tried another vet and a 2nd rx which also wasn’t working. I was so sure he wasn’t going to make it either. After three food changes, my mom saw a freshpet commercial. I was sure that wouldn’t work either. If two prescriptions wouldn’t work, how would another cat food work right? A day and a half later, he has no more IBD / IBS, no more loose stool, his nose is cold and wet, the color has returned to his gums, he has gained a little over a pound in a day and a half, his energy level is higher than it’s ever been, and I am sitting here crying as I am typing this. I can finally make an appointment for his shots and neuter because he is finally healthy and up to weight. I get attached to all of our rescues and I love them and it hurts when we lose them. I was sure we would lose him to this stomach problem like his siblings. I can’t believe that something a vet couldn’t fix your product fixed in a day and a half. I don’t have words that can express my gratitude. Thank you so much and God bless you for making this product and for caring so much about animals to make such a wonderful product. It really truly means alot.

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