Lauren Ross
Apr 11, 2017
Dog, Small, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Freshpet saved my cat!

My cat Squirty had problems with diarrhea for years. I had spent almost $3,000 dollars on tests, shots and prescription cat food but his diarrhea was getting worse and he had lost so much weight that he was very skinny. I prayed repeatedly for a resolution to the problem, he’s my favorite cat! I went into the grocery store in January and saw that the Freshpet section had been moved to the front of the aisle and the cat food caught my eye. Since a biopsy of his colon had showed either inflammatory bowel disease or an extreme allergy I decided to buy the bagged Freshpet and the pate in the tubes. He loved it and ate almost a whole bowl! Since then, his diarrhea has resolved, he has gained 2 lbs (and possibly 3) and he is obviously feeling much better. Thank you Freshpet for making the food you do. The vet was surprised to hear that after all the tests, shots, medicines and prescription food, he was cured by the Freshpet. My other cats love it too!

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