Sep 17, 2017


When we adopted our Siamese Rascal, we fed him the same way we fed our tabby cat Stormy. Unfortunately my hubby got Rascal hooked on cheap wet food because that’s what Stormy was accustomed to. Weaning cats off that food is nearly impossible. Sadly stormy became ill and we were told she was in final stages of renal failure, and four days later we lost her. She was only ten years old.

Rascal soon started having hairballs just like Stormy. They became more frequent. We just signed up for pet insurance and doing what we can to help him avoid what happened to Stormy. One day I was at the grocery store and decided to try Fresh Pet, but not hopeful because he was finicky.

It’s been about six weeks and he looks like a new cat. His coat is smooth and shiny. Hairballs are much less frequent and he’s much more active and animated. He loved the food and seems happier all around. My hubby and I recently went vegetarian and we believe the quote by Hippocrates let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. It’s obvious that philosophy works for cats too.

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