Oct 14, 2017
Small, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Back to life!

My cat was diagnosed with pancreatitis… it’s a long story. She lost 10 lbs from starving herself. She knew she needed to eat but nothing was working. The soft food from the doc and several random kinds from the store we’re useless. She had given up trying to eat because of the pain she felt from throwing it up. The night before we were going to put her down, I was walking through Target feeling pretty defeated and saw your product in the fridge. My hope hadn’t died yet so I tried it out. What do you know… she ate it. She threw up some… but she tried again… and then again. Fast forward 4 months and my Lilly is better than ever! Your product saved her life! I’ve tried feeding her something else and she throws it up, even now after she is healed. Your food is amazing and I am thankful everyday for it.

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