Nov 20, 2017
Dog, Small, Is an adult

Grateful for Freshpet

Seven years ago the sweetest stray cat decided to adopt me. I couldn’t refuse her so I welcomed her to my home & my heart. Last summer she quit eating her regular food (I’ve never had a cat & had no idea about food). A trip to the vet included iv fluid & a special diet of prescription cat food, both dry & wet. After spending a small fortune on rx food she quit eating for days. I tried different flavors of the rx vet food & she wanted nothing to do with it. In desperation I bought a few different Freshpet products. She wouldn’t get out of bed & her ribs were showing, I put a plate of Freshpet in front of her and she ate for almost five minutes straight until it was gone. I was so happy and relieved and I know she was too! By the following evening and a diet of Freshpet she was out of bed and becoming playful again. I truely feel that Freshpet saved her life. She’s been doing great and I’m appreciative to Freshpet for making my kitty happy again! Thank you!

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