Jan 14, 2018
Small, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Anxious Cat No Longer Needs Meds

I had been eyeballing this cat food at my local Fred Meyer for a while, and finally decided to buy it. My cat is only 2 years old, and has needed protein rich foods her entire life for GI issues related to her anxiety. She was on Science Diet for a little while, but kept throwing up the kibble after she ate. So I put her on Blue Buffalo canned food, and she got bad diarrhea. I decided to try Blue Buffalo kibble, and she threw up less, but still would throw it up often. I ended up putting her on anxiety meds, and that seemed to help, but her personality changed, so I took her off the meds. I came across this food and decided to try it out. She is on her 3rd week with it, and she’s got more energy, she can’t wait for feeding time and gets extremely excited when she knows it’s about to happen, hasn’t thrown up at all, and her poop is normal and actually doesn’t stink as bad as it did with the other foods I’ve tried with her. $9 may seem like a lot for 7 days worth of food in comparison to other brands on the market, but it is worth its weight in gold!

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