Apr 25, 2013
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Freshpet most likely saved my kitty’s life…

We adopted an incredible kitten a year and a half ago but for two months straight she had terrible diarrhea. We tried different foods, both dry and wet, visits to the vet, prescribed supplements and diets, and natural recommendations and nothing helped. I happened upon Freshpet Select and within 24 hours her stools were solid and have been ever since. We hoped she might outgrow this digestive problem so have tried over the past year to give her other foods but she immediately has a problem so we’ve stuck by Freshpet and we don’t know what we would have done without it. In addtion to curing her diarrhea, her long coat is shiny and beautiful, she doesn’t shed much at all, and she is an extremely happy and healthy kitty. Thank you Freshpet!!!

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