Mrs. Norris
Nov 13, 2014
Small, Is a finicky eater

Rescued and thankful

My name is Gretchen,
I started using Freshpet dog food four years ago.
We had just rescued a little frail malnourished tea cup Chihuahua. The previous owners said they couldn’t get her to eat anything so basically she was starving to death.
After starting the Freshpet diet, ( Luna ) started gaining weight and becoming more active and healthier. After saving Luna, we rescued two other Chihuahuas from a rescue group ( Peace for Paws). We also put them on Freshpet as well and within four weeks the two rescues were healthier and happier! We are so very greatful for your company! Having picky eaters isn’t always easy but you make it easier for the dogs to want to eat! They still get excited and spin in circles to this very day when we say ( who wants to eat?) thank you fresh pet! Chihuahua approved!!

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