Patti and Madison
Feb 17, 2015
Medium, Is an adult

Major stomach issues including the most pickest eater on this planet!

My Madison has a major stomach issue she used to go out and eats grass to throw up daily, sometimes several times. She is pickiest eater EVER. I can’t begin to add up the amount of dog food that I have either had to throw away or give away but it is a lot. Since she started eating Freshpet in the beginning of December 2014, she eats grass occasionally not daily and actually paws her food bowl if she wants more or it happens to be empty She loves Freshpet Chicken and vegetables and the Turkey and Chicken with vegetables. I buy the Jumbo roll of the Chicken and several small rolls of the Turkey to give her a little variety. I love you guys for saving the most important part of my life My Madison. A very very happy dog owner. Patti

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