Feb 17, 2015
Small, Is a finicky eater

The only food my doggie likes!

I adopted BonBon when he was 4 years old. The shelter told me his previous owner was feeding him bad quality food and he was rollby. The shelter gave me some dried food for him to eat, which he refused. I tried all kind of dog food; dry; canned; and even cooked for him. All he would do is watch me eat my food and beg. For years, I tried everything I coukd think of. He was known among friends and family to be the pickiest! He would only eat whatever i ate and when i cooked him chicken breast. I was worried he was not getting required nutrients. His skin became flakey, his fur was dull, and he was rollby. Then i found Freshpet at my grocery store. I bought some for my pup to try and he LOVED it!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! Now, years later, he’s active, fit, with the most luxurious coat and healthy teeth. At 12, my dog is finally happy and healthy. Thank you!!!

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