May 25, 2015
Medium, Is a finicky eater


This is the only food our Jake will eat! It took about 2 frustrating years of trying different foods and recipes (yes, we used to make his food) before discovering Freshpet. Even after discovering it, he only ate it for a small period of time, until this recipe came out (Fresh From the Kitchen)! He absolutely loves it! The only issue I have is that it doesn’t come in a larger bag. We have 2 dogs (only Jake is the finicky eater) and we have to buy 4-5 bags of it to last a week (that can get expensive, but it’s worth it because our dog will eat it!), and our local grocery store only carries a minimal amount. If they don’t have it, then I have to search for it at another grocery store, hoping they have enough of it!

Anyway, please continue to make this food, and maybe consider making it in various size bags! Thank you so much!

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