Jun 10, 2016
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My Harley is a Toy Maltese and in his 7th year. He started out on dry food and was doing well but when I would travel he didn’t always want to eat. I was taking another trip so I bought him a can food from the grocery store for a backup. As I suspected he wouldn’t eat so the can food was given. Unfortunately when we got home Harley got very sick and wound up in the Emergency Vet hospital. He had eaten the food for around 5 days and then when we return got sick. From that day on he never liked dry food that much. I slowly introduced him to can food that can only be purchased at a pet store. It was a bit of a chore to get him to eat Plus it was messy. Finally with my Vets permission I started cooking for him. It was ok because I would freeze and use as needed. That was fine until I took a 2 week cruise and I had to make 14 meals and freeze them. My son was caring for him which was fine but what if I had to board him.
Enter Freshpet. A friend of mine who also has a picky eater introduced me to Freshpet and gave me a sample. I introduced it to him slowly and he loves it. Thank you so much as it saves me from cooking his meals and worrying when I travel. We live Freshpet

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