Saylor American Bulldogs
Jul 14, 2016
Large, Is a finicky eater

Tasty, Palatable Food For Finicky Eaters

We raise, train & show American Bulldogs. Many folks who show feed raw. It’s a wonderful diet for the dogs, if owners have the time and funds to do so. Many people just simply don’t have the time to try and prepare or gather the necessary ingredients, not to mention they are not always available from our local grocers and meat markets. I was almost at my wits end with several of our dogs. They were just not interested in their food. I saw a cooler with Fresh Pet at our local Walmart and started reading the ingredients. I liked what I read, so I brought home a large stick of the Chunky Beef with Vegetables & Brown Rice. I had no idea if the dogs would eat it or not, but as soon as we opened the package, their noses tuned right in on the smell of the food. It definitely got their attention. I gave everyone of them a little sample. Wow! It was love at first bite! We crumbled the Fresh Pet in with their normal supplements and rations. All of the dogs were delighted with their dinner and everyone had clean pans! There was even no fuss over taking their supplements! This is a wonderful choice for those of us with picky eaters that don’t have time to put together or maintain a raw menu every day. I’ve also now tried a few of the other selections and our dogs have yet to turn any of them down. Their coats look great and their stools are nice & firm. So glad we tried this! Happy, healthy dogs = happy owners! : )

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