Jul 21, 2016
Large, Is a senior

Spoiled Boxer

Winston is my 8 year old Boxer. He always ate Purina one dry food and liked it. We moved from one house to another and he developed a bad tooth infection which made it hard for him to chew so I started buying him fresh pet since it is softer. He went from barely eating at all to housing his food down almost in one sitting. Once his tooth got better we tried weaning him off of it but that didn’t work he wouldn’t eat just the dry food. So we started doing half fresh pet half purina one. He has been eating this way for 4 months now and we noticed a dramatic increase in his energy and he seems to be so much healthier. He’s back to acting like hes a puppy again. The only down fall is the bags are so small and the grocery stores only stock a few so there has been times where I have gone to a few stores trying to find this food. I wish it could come in a bigger bag and be available for online ordering and delivery.

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