Sep 27, 2016
Large, Is a senior

Big change in my dog health

My 14 year old dog Urchin is doing great on Freshpet food. Two years ago she started having problems with itchy skin spots, which were treated by vet with topical sprays, oral steroids and medicated baths. The flareups of itchiness continued through the warm months and subsided over the winter. They came back again in summer and were much worst. I spent with her a lot of time (and money) in the vet’s office. Skin samples were taken for expensive biopsies. Came with nothing. Urchin meanwhile was really suffering, red hot spots all over, loosing hair, smelling bad. I finally took her to the vet specializing in acupuncture and herbal meds. She diagnosed Urchin with the yeast overgrow (in Chinese medicine it is known as an abundance of a damp heat). She was getting a series of acupuncture treatments, which she really liked, along with herbal meds. Her condition improved somewhat. The vet also recomended a change of diet from her grain free dry kibble to Freshpet food. I started Urchin on the “sausage” and kept her on it for 1/2 year. I saw a significant improvement in her coat condition, all hot spots were gone and she grew new coat in the bold spots. She also lost weight and was much more energetic. I had changed her food to the select tender chicken with carrots and spinach as this formula does not contain carageenan. She is doing fine on it, no problem with her coat, her coat is better, shinier and denser than it has ever been. She always was a heavy shedding dog and now she sheds minimally!!! I’m so glad that I changed her food as the difference in her health is dramatic.

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