Jan 11, 2017
Large, Is an adult

Golden’s hip dysplasia so much better

Our sweet Golden Retreiver was born with hip dysplasia. Zoey had skinny hips and was 10 pounds lighter than her sister Roxy. She seemed in pain and sad the majority of the time and can’t jump on our bed like her sister can. I’m penny pincher when it comes to dog food and my wife insisted on pampering all of our dogs with Freshpet. They have all been eating it for over a year and Zoey has gained weight, is much happier, and doesn’t show many of the symptoms she used to (although she still can’t jump onto the bed!). Our other dogs love it and don’t have the nasty gas they used to bless us with on a regualar basis before Freshpet. I’m a believer and it is worth it.

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