Lil' Bits or Ms. Diva
Feb 14, 2017
Small, Is a puppy/kitten


This is about my Lil’ Louisiana a Yorkie-Chihuahua Mix who is extremely spoiled, highly expressive & a overall joy to have in my life.
Louisiana is a “Lil’ Diva”(Lol) who loves attention.
I had been feeding Louisiana 2 other brand name dog foods & every morning Louisiana would basically play a game with me where I had to literally coax & bribe her to eat all of her food, because she would basically play with it & pick through it. I would tell her everyday that she wouldn’t get her treats for the day & it was like a lil’ light bulb went off in her head & she would look at me & then start crunching away on her food (Lol).
I have always tried to feed her the best that I could trying very hard to avoid the artificial colors, flavors, & the brands that had a bunch of fillers & no meat or vegetables.
I recently went online & read alot of reviews on what I thought were top brands & was absolutely shocked & stunned at what I found out about a majority of brands out today.
I did some research on Freshpet after reading in the reviews that it was rated 5 out of 5 in a very extensive review.
Louisiana absolutely loves Chicken, so I decided to try it & decided to try her on the Fresh From The Kitchen Chicken w/ Garden Vegetables & Antioxidants & it has been a hit with Louisiana’s palate, she literally dances & follows me to prepare her bowl & then gobbles it up & licks the bowl afterwards (Lol). If she had her way she would bury her lil’ head in the bag (Lol).
I have also bought her the Crunchy Chix Kibble mixture, Chicken of course with Carrots, Spinach, & Cranberries, she loves crunching on the kibbles.
I am very relieved & happy to be feeding her something that I can truly feel good about feeding her, because it’s all natural & basically what I would prepare & eat myself.
If others could findout & see what I have witnessed from your brand there would be millions of pets dancing just like Louisiana(smile).
Thank U for your commitment to pets & their health, hopefully this pic will allow U to see the new loyal fan that U have created….

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