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Feb 20, 2017
Small, Is a senior

Very picky eater likes it

My dog is extremely picky and not interested in food much. I had been making my own chicken/rice/pumpkin meals, but I was getting tired of making it and she was getting tired of eating it. After a few meals, she gets bored and I have to spice it up with adding peanut butter or watered-down teriyaki sauce or cheese or something. I’ve tried other commercial foods over the years with no success no matter high-end or low-end. So I decided to give this a try and she liked it a lot!! I was ecstatic. But after a few days, she still gets bored and I have to change it up. I give her the Home Cooked version too. Sometimes I mix both. Sometimes I go back to our old food. Or add a high-flavor add-in. Her pickiness is not over, but Freshpet definitely seems to help. It’s a new tool in the toolbox! My store was out of the Stews today so hope she eats the other. Also, I always used to add pumpkin and bran buds to her food for fiber, but with this I don’t think I will have to. Stools are firm. I don’t like that the home-cooked chicken bag says eat in 7 days after opening and the stews say eat in 2 days. That doesn’t work with her eating habits. I hope they are exaggerating a bit.

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