Mar 06, 2017
Medium, Is a puppy/kitten

My fur baby has never been happier!!!

With me being a first time dog owner, I looked for the best, most expensive dog food I could find and my dog, Bubbles, HATED IT!!! She only ate it out of extreme hunger. One day, I researched and realized I could make her food, so I boiled some brown rice and lightly boiled some chicken thighs, blended it together with a little of her dry dog food and she was licking the bowl well after it was all gone! From that point, I tried making her food for the next 3 days, but I needed something easier. A friend told me about fresh pet and I went out and purchased it immediately. As soon as o opened the package, I noticed that it smelled delicious!!! I love the fact that it had veggies in it as well. I gave it to my fur baby and SHE LOVED IT!!! Now she is so excited about meal time and really could eat this all day, if I let her. She never seems satisfied with the portions I give her (the recommended portion for her age and weight). She always wants more! Her energy is through the roof and her beautiful black coat is even more radiant! I’m sooooo happy I found this and so is my Bubbles!

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