Apr 02, 2017
Small, Is an adult

Feeding a picky eater is so stressful!

My Shih-Tzu Rocky has always been a picky eater. For years, I had to either sit him on my lap and spoon / fork feed him, or, get down on the floor and take pieces of food off his plate and place it in front of him. And even then he wouldn’t consistently eat. It was like having a picky child. So 2 weeks ago, Blue was having another recall and I couldn’t find the food I usually feed him. I did some research, and Freshpet got some pretty high reviews from independent sources. So I figure, worse case, he doesn’t like it. Well, what a surprise! It wasn’t “yuck” like I imagined it would be, and I’ll be damned but Rocky ate everything on his plate. He even ate a second portion – he kept licking his plate so I thought he might still be hungry. Every day he now eats his food by himself, and it’s such a dream! I’ve gotta run out and get another tube cause he’s almost finished with this one!

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