Aug 10, 2017

It’s a miracle!

My long haired Chihuahua, Harley There, is 17yr. old and tiny at 3 pounds. The miracle is using Freshpet to save him from starving to death. A small dog visiting our home attacked Harley, bit him and broke his jawbone, which also knocked out the last tooth he had! The vet said if I could get him to eat he could live. I pureed his Science Diet mature small breed pellets which worked for a couple weeks. When he stopped eating, I tried everything he used to eat (pureed hamburger, chicken) without success. I was afraid I’d have to put him down so he wouldn’t suffer. I bought the beef Freshpet at Target and he has not stopped eating it! I am overjoyed to have Harley getting better each day. Thank you Freshpet, I love the results!

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