Trey, Trey
Sep 08, 2017
Small, Is a finicky eater

At Last

We have tried and given away so many different dog foods, I literally had given up hope. I had starting making our own after my dog turned his face away, yet again, after our latest try a rather expensive on line made fresh, good for them all natural food. He would not even look at it, I totally lost hope and started making our own. When I made a donation of his lastest test to a shelter I wrk with another volunteer mentioned Freshpet and that they were going to try and it. On my way home I had to pick up fresh chicken for our last batch of food, saw the Freshpet and thought what can we lose. Purchased it came home and thought why not, put everything away and that night we tried it. To put it mildly I was shocked and amazed, he literally did not hesitate gobbled every bite down sat back looked at me as if he was saying more please. It has been that way very feeding time since, he literally will it it right out off the roll and out of the fridge, as if it’s a special treat before dinner. He gets excited about eating again, dinner is a fun time again instead of me being frustrated and trying to feed him by hand. I mean he actually it’s it out of his dish, (yes I know it sounds weird but remember when I said we tried everything). So again, thank you for a line of awesome products I can feel good about and he enjoys.

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