Sep 11, 2017

Addison who would starve before eating….

We got Addison to early because the sellers were shady. She was only 5 week old pug.We got her a bottle put a pad in bed and feed her like a baby as she needed.Once she got big enough she eat very costly puppy food. When we changed her to Adult food she stopped eating unless hand feed then she just Stopped all together eating at all we tried EVERTHING but she wouldn’t eat she had to go into the hospital 4 times because she was straving her self. Then a few weeks back I started shopping at Krogers and came across your roll of chicken and brown rice and vegs. OMG she went crazy for it …. That You very much you saved her life….I love it she eats it twice a day and only ur FOOD the roll kind it costs more but shes eating everyone is soooooooo Happy that now she eating & My sons pug who came to live with us because hes in the army won’t eat his food because he wants Addisons food so now I have 2 pugs on Freshpet and I enjoy feeding both of them because as soon as they see their food come out of the icebox they dance all around happy and under feet until I get it ready. Thank you the vet said they are very healthy and happy. God bless your food and you…Nancye Cage.

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