Oct 07, 2017
Small, Is a finicky eater

He Likes It! Hey Buddy!

we decided to go deep sea fishing this year – our first vacation in 5 years. We, of course, took our dog Buddy with us.

For ease of handling, we thought we’d take canned dog food with us instead of his regular FreshPet. What a mistake.

The first night he looked at the canned food like we were trying to poison him. The second night he even refused to look at it. We were getting worried at this point as he hadn’t eaten in 2 days. When he refused his supper for the 3rd night, we knew we were in trouble. He would refuse to eat until he became sick. When we rescued him, he was so mal-nourished that the vet refused to neuter him.

So all we could think of was, where could we get some FreshPet? We went online and searched locations. There was a grocery store in this little city that the website said carried FreshPet. So off in the car, hoping to find the store at 8 pm at night in an area we didn’t know.

We found the store and headed for the pet food aisle and there it was – the fridge for FreshPet – just like in our town. And it was filled with FreshPet!

We got it home and cut it up and gave it to Buddy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen gratitude in a dog’s face before but there it was in Buddy’s. He wolfed it down, had a big drink, jumped on the bed and fell asleep till the next morning. Although he wasn’t at home, everything was alright – he had his favourite pet food again. He didn’t refuse to eat again on the trip.

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