Cooper and Cocoa
Jan 12, 2018
Medium, Is a senior

Our Cocoa

Dear Fresh Pet,
My husband John and I really need to thank you. We currently have 2 Cocker Spaniels. Cooper about to turn 1 and Cocoa 17. Your food is fed to both dogs and they certainly love it.
However, Cocoas story needs to be told. Our little girl was a rescue almost 11 years ago. She was always a loving, precocious and active member of our family. Our little girls health took a turn for the worse last year. She was not interested in the kibble she was eating anymore and developed chronic diarrhea and gastrointestinal issues. The Vet put her on meds which definitely helped. Once the meds were gone her issues came back. We were soon facing a reality that broke our hearts. Her age didn’t allow for any surgery so panic and sorrow set in. Then my research began. I kept looking at Freshpet online. Then I stopped at the Allentown Farmers market where a man has a raw pet food stand. We talked for quite a while. He gave me a wonderful tip about giving her organic plain yogurt everyday. We now do. He also kept enforcing a fresh protein diet. It just so happened we were taking our puppy to Woofstock that weekend in Allentown where Freshpet was giving out samples. Our puppy went crazy for it so your reps were kind enough to give us a roll. The next feeding both dogs got some with, a now reduced, amount of their kibble. The rest is history. Cocoa is now thriving at an age not many Cockers live to. It’s not just that she’s thriving but she loves eating again. Freshpet you gave us extra time with our furry little girl. We also thank you for laying down a solid nutritional foundation for our almost 1 year old Cooper. We had used the puppy additive you once sold too. Hats off to your food and your company. We tell everyone about your food. We also love that you are located in the Lehigh Valley and we are too.
Christen and John Borso Jr.

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