Alicia Laney
Jan 24, 2018
Small, Is a senior

Two totally different dogs

I have a 13 year old Chihuahua who has had nothing but sensitive stomach issues from the the day I rescued her 8 years ago. She’s been on Hills Science Diet sensitive stomach and never liked it or really did it help that much. I rescued a puppy a year ago a Chihuahua mix who loved his puppy food Blue. But after a few months he was vomiting a lot the vet recommended some product sold by them and he was allergic to something in Blue. I didn’t want to switch him on food to much since I know that gives them stomach issues as well. A friend who rescues/fosters dogs recommended Freshpet. I was willing to trying anything since both dogs were really not enjoying eating and sick frequently. Well both dogs just love it. The eat every bit in their bowl and I am happy to say besides the occasional upset stomach they are happier and healthier than they have ever been. I can’t recommend Freshpet to anyone with a dog and I love not picking up dog vomit every other day. Thank you so much Freshpet for changing my life and my dogs! You guys rock!

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