Feb 13, 2018
Small, Is a senior

Freshpet and Love= A Perfect Recipe for CaseyJones our 15+ year old Pekingese

Before CaseyJones and Freshpet my two other Pekingese male dogs ate dry dog food. I bought premium brands and even made my own “dog food” for one of them. Getting all the vitamins, nutrients, protein etc., was impossible for me to include. Casey was born on September 19th, 2002. He came to live with us in November 2002. Pekingese love food but are picky eaters. I was feeding Casey a dry “roll” of dogfood at the time supplemented with fresh cooked meat and vegetables. I couldn’t know back in 2004 that discovering Freshpet Chicken roll with vegetables back then would have such a profound effect on his physical and dental health! Casey has never been ill in all of his 15 years and still has all of his natural teeth. I really believe that feeding CaseyJones Freshpet Chicken roll all these years is the reason he is healthy at 15 years old. I love that all of his nutritional needs are addressed by experts in a fresh and not raw or dry food that Casey loves the taste of.

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