BB (for Baby)
Feb 20, 2018
Small, Is a finicky eater

My Coton de Tulear will finally eat with out me handfeeding him!

Our sweet Coton de Tulear could hardly stand ANY dog food. It was an daily effort to make him eat, but now I pour the food in his bowl and he stands there and eats until there is no more. He has NEVER eaten so well in his 17 months on this earth! My eyes are tearing with joy! He is a very sweet little soul that tries to please us in every way but he hated his food. And we used wonderful brands. Some he would eat for a short time with coaxing, but he never ate them long. We added cheese, scrambled eggs or dog treats to get him to eat but generally he would eat only the extras. The vet declares him healthy but we were driven to constant worry.

Thank you for your amazing product. It smells good and our dog indicates it is irresistible! Thank you again! – Marie

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